We are Woman!!!

I would love to post pictures of my body since beginning my workout journey but I don’t want to do that to myself or my son. I don’t want the gravity of what I am about to say to be lost in the physical.
Women, mothers, girlfriends, businesswomen, diva, wives, all of us! There is something so amazingly rewarding about working out. It is hard but it works. There is a beauty to having enough energy to chase your son and your dreams. There is an art to balancing walking/running like a lady while sweating like a beast. There is a glowing presence inside awakened by your submission to disciple. You are Woman, show the world your Roar!!! Be bigger than your surroundings, be better than your yesterday, and be in awe and grateful of your future. I challenge you to challenge yourself. Know better, Do better, Become better… It’s a journey not a destination
D.R. Daughters

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