As we approach Father’s Day I have something to say. It is no secret that I’m a huge daddy’s girl but this isn’t about him.
To all my single mothers who have the urge to send or receive one of the new commissioned Hallmark “Mahogany Edition” cards to moms on Father’s Day.   YOU ARE NOT A FATHER!! Do not begin to try and be one.  You are a mother. And be a damn good one, but do not try to be something you cannot be. You are no more a father than a man can be a mother. Take pride in your role. Take note that the cards are being made by Hallmark for us “poor black single mothers” however only 30% of all United States’ children  are raised in a two-parent home. Release your anger if your child’s father is not around,  not financially helpful, or dismissive.  If nothing else his purpose has been served. Your blessing is here. Your child is here. Be the best mother You can be. Make your presence matter not your resentment. You are not a father, you are a MOTHER. MAKE IT COUNT.

D.R. Daughters


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