America….land of the free

merica“Merica” that is….
The beacon….
The escape…..
The land of dreams…
We ARE the home of the free and land of the brave
Free to kill Trayvons, Jordans , and Jaidens.
Free to be confused because justice isn’t there to aid us,
Free to question her weight, for her scales are unbalanced
Free to mourn the deaths of young, Black talent,
Free to feel wronged and angered by much
Free to console grieving mothers with a humane touch,
Free to speedy trials, and media coverage
Free of accountability and societal trust,
Free to fear a system that has yet to protect us
You see, brave has changed faces, morals and styles;
Brave is now Black and brown skin dripping of red.
Brave is the Trayvon being followed now dead
Brave is the teen fearing his life
Free is the man chasing, because fear has become a right
Brave is the dead Black man, doing just as he was taught
Sadly, we are the of the home of the free and land of the dreams deferred…
Goddess bless…. no HELP America…

D.R. Daughters