Deeper the Wounded, Deeper the Roots

There are 2 small round scars located in the middle of my upper chest. Previously, 2 small rhinestone piercings sat there for a little flare and attention. I remove them over a year ago and hadn’t noticed them in a while. However, today the summer sun hit them in such a way, when I looked down I had to touch them. They’ve healed but I was intrigued by how deep they appeared. Two small holes, center mass, for the world to see. When I had jewels there I loved showing them off. I wore low cut shirts constantly so the light could hit the rhinestone just right. They would sometimes get caught on a shirt string, snag something, or just hurt. They were always more trouble than they were worth. They didn’t fit every setting. There was always extra thought on attire for professional or formal settings.

In my youth, the attention was worth minor, infrequent, discomfort or pain.

Now a woman, as I lightly guided my fingers over the scars, I became intrigued by their presence. It was similar to an optical illusion. They look much more significant than they feel. They cause me no pain. In that moment, my epiphany felt electric. I realized these scars were only 2 of many. I bore other physical, emotional, and spiritual scars across my body and being. Many due to the same previously stated ignorance. In my youth, I was willing to experience some hurt or discomfort for attention or time. Often willing to place myself on emotional display for the brief moment to shine like my simple rhinestones.

Maturity gifted me with the realization that peace of mind, and spiritual growth included the wisdom to avoid unnecessary hurts. The decision to have the “jewels” I once treasured excised from my chest, seemed much larger than the simple act I previously assumed years ago. It was the beginning of a beautifully unknown path of purpose and intentionality.

My truth: I learned scars heal. Rhinestones are common. It takes pressure to make a diamond.